Character Creation

What do YOU want to play?

Emergence uses a classless, point-buy, skill-based character creation system.  However, unlike a lot of games with similar formats where your character can quickly become a bland collection of numbers for your skills and weapon damage, Emergence uses a tiered talent system to help you further define your character and make it unique and fun to play.


Selecting from hundreds of available talents, you will construct a robust set of abilities for your character to use.  Think of talents as your class, spell lists, and feats all rolled into one.  Through these selections, you will create exactly the character you want to play.

Here are a few examples of talents you might take:

  • Withering Suppression (Automatics, Tier 3): When you use suppressing fire on an area that contains terrain features that provide cover, at the conclusion of the suppression you may choose to permanently reduce the grade of that cover by -1/-1.  Multiple uses of this talent on the same terrain feature will stack.
  • Neck Snap (Wrestling, Tier 5): You gain access to the Neck Snap wrestling maneuver. Neck Snap (-20 Stamina): Overpower a vulnerable opponent, causing 3x normal damage. If the opponent is knocked unconscious by the damage, the opponent dies instantly.
  • Mana Shield (Enchantment, Tier 3): You gain access to the Mana Shield spell. Mana Shield (-12 Stamina): Range personal; reaction cast.  When hit by an attack, make a conjuration effect check.  Increase all defenses by the amount listed in the Effect Result Chart until the end of your next turn.
  • Brute Strike (Savagery, Tier 2): You gain access to the Brute Strike maneuver.  Brute Strike (-8 Stamina): Combat action. Make a melee attack.  On a hit, re-roll all 1s on your damage roll. You may continue to re-roll each die until there are no more 1s.  If your weapon is vicious, you may also re-roll a number of 2s up to the weapon’s vicious property rating.

For those of you a little less interested in full-feature customization, Emergence will also let you choose from a large array of templates designed to get you into the action faster.


Emergence uses a dynamic race system.  The humanoid races that inhabit the world are alternate evolutions of the Human, such as Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, and of course, from Earth, Humans themselves.  All races are capable of breeding with each other, and over time they have done so.  This means that you, as a player, can select from pools of racial traits that allow you to create exactly the race you want to play, be it a ¼ orc ¾ elf, ½ dwarf ½ human, and so on.  Remember, the character abilities are also dynamic, so you have the ability in Emergence to create a character that has never been played before or mimic one of your favorite characters from another role playing game.

Concept art by Heidi Schwartz, showing two multi-racial characters:
- Eva Shaw, 1/4 dwarf 3/4 elf jack-of-all-trades equipped with a variety of tools, hunting equipment, and her trusty sidearm
- Grella Imoren, 1/2 elf 1/2 orc classically trained knight equipped with enchanted shield, sword, and armor